Experiential Props & Environments

Producing 3D Props that are to be used and interacted with is a speciality of ours. Specialist environments are our favourite especially those that “give as good as they get” and are full of surprises. We can help you create and build your campaign so it not only raises awareness of your brand, but allows your customers to directly experience it for maximum exposure and return.

Marketing & Branding Props

Imagine your product or message. 10ft high! 20ft high! Higher! We can make that happen. Perfect for big Corporate Receptions & Meeting Rooms, Exhibitions, PR Promotions, Advertising or general glory-hunting. 3D Lettering will get the job done! We can build it. And put your name on it (obviously). And then watch everyone gaze in awe...! We're exactly the people you are looking for - our 3D Letters are both cost-effective and amazing!

Guerilla & Viral Props

We love causing chaos and adore stirring it up a bit so these sorts of jobs are right up our street. Whatever your bonkers guerilla campaign is, we can tick every box in manufacturing and installation to make sure it steals the headlines and then moves to a slow-burn sizzle to get people t’internet talking. No problems. We’re the perfect people to build that item for your gossip-starting campaign.

Bespoke Event Props, Promotional Events Props & Exhibition Props

Sometimes you need an item made "just-so" for your Event. It has to have the exact logo or message on and be exactly fit-for-purpose. It has to be entirely unique and entirely "you". Step inside, you've come to the right place...