Set, Stage & Scenery - Design, Build & Install

Usually these jobs are one-offs, creating display props that are visually stunning for permanent or temporary use/polystyrene props. We love the nitty gritty of the prop design and build process on these types of jobs; getting to grips with the logistics of size, scale and finish. It's a long, hard road from start to finish, but we're sure you'll agree that when you see your custom props looking majestic and getting a fabulous reaction as part of a large live TV Event, in situ in a Museum/Leisure Complex or in a Stage Arena Tour, it makes all the blood, sweat and tears worthwhile!


Theatre Props & Stage Props

We're often approached with a need for a Prop to do something. This can be anything from holding a person/people for a special entrance to making the usual unusual for effect. Ultimately the finished product is high-spec and hard-wearing for use it incurs. We get to be really creative on these jobs, using all sorts of integrated lighting and automation (and just a touch of magic!) to make it happen.