Visual Merchandising: Shop Window Displays

We've all stopped and stared at a breathtaking display in a retail window and thought it was funny/clever/vogue/intruguing or all of the above. But where the heck are these sorts of things produced and tailored to make such a visually stunning installation? Right here at Ego of course! Retail Display Props are a specialist niche of our work; the close-up nature of these means that the quality we work to when producing Shop Display Props is unparalleled.


Retail Design & Display Props

Creating your brand, logo or products and scaling them up for your shop window display is our sort of bread-and-butter work. Display Props are vital marketing for effective High Street Campaigns. Sometimes retailers want something a little bit off-the-wall and this is where we get to exercise our creative muscles, from whole concepts across Retail, POS and Internal/External Store Decoration to simple but effective boutique style displays. The real benefit here is knowing that having it designed and made exactly to your specification by professionals will mean it is exactly what you hoped it would be (usually more!). Use our wealth of experience in Shops Props Display to realise your next campaign.