Invasion of The Yellow Men

So there we were. Loving the lively buzz and atmosphere a massively jam-packed schedule gives you. Working hard, playing hard. And then we get THE CALL.

Can we make a Lifesize Yellow Man? YES!

Can we make a Lifesize Yellow Woman? YES!

And can we make 30 of each in two weeks and deliver them to various locations all over the UK? (Hold on – we need a Planning Meeting to create an Epic Plan of Superhero Proportions as we never let our customers down) YES! YES! YES!

And we did – and by heck were they good!

So how did we do it? Each figure was cut from polystyrene and then rounded to give a smooth safe finishes. They were then hard-coated by our ultra-amazing new technology and painted to the specific pantone reference supplied by the client. Then each figure was finished in lacquer and mounted on specially created metal bases for stability. Then they set off around the UK on the journey of a lifetime.

Sometimes we miss the Yellow People. But then we remember how happy they are in their new home at BskyB.